Easy Ways to Install Brick Walls Easily and Neatly

Here’s how to lay red bricks that builders usually do. Red brick is most often used as a wall material. Even though many people now use lightweight bricks, red bricks have not yet been replaced in terms of strength. Choose bricks whose surface is not too smooth so that they adhere better to the mortar during installation. unless you use exposed brick.

Calculations by contractors and structural experts in installing red bricks usually require 60-70 pieces of red brick 5 cm thick, depending on the thickness of the spacing per m2.

Tools and materials for laying red bricks, brick laying tools


  • print
  • meter
  • thread
  • spirit level
  • margin


  • Red brick
  • semen
  • sand (sifted)

Preparation for installing red bricks

Before carrying out work, it is a good idea to prepare materials and supplies first. Choose red bricks that are mature in the firing process so they don’t crack and break easily. Apart from that, you also need to pay attention that there is a difference between red brick and white brick so that you don’t make a mistake when installing it. Apart from that, also prepare materials to make installation easier.

  1. Sift the sand so that there are no gravel or foreign materials other than sand that could interfere with the installation process.
  2. Wet the red brick with water, you can just douse it using a hose or soak it. So that the water content of the mortar is not absorbed by the red brick sbobet
  3. Prepare a plywood or plastic base so that the remaining mortar doesn’t splatter. Make sure the work area is clean.
  4. Mix sand and cement 1:5 to get a mortar that is smooth and strong. For outdoor areas that are exposed to outside air, you can use a 1:3 mixture
  5. Red brick masonry work
  6. First, make a reference with a jidar and lot pendulum so that it is perpendicular. Make sure the jidar is perpendicular to get neat installation results.
  7. Pull the thread perpendicularly between 2 templates or jidars. Use a spirit level so that the thread is straight vertically. Don’t forget to mark the jidar with a marker every 20 cm or 3 bricks so that when raising the concrete you don’t need a spirit level anymore as long as the jidar doesn’t move.
  8. after 3 masonry or 1 meter of thread can be increased. If it is 1 meter then it is better to install bricks on the other side. So that the brick masonry dries first and does not collapse.
    If possible, install hooks on the columns and bricks using reinforcing iron so that the masonry is stronger.
  9. Repeat the process above until you get a pair of red bricks according to the desired height. It is highly recommended that the red bricks not be installed too high first.
  10. That’s how to lay red brick. very easy. Hopefully this information is useful and can add to it

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